be traced back to the fan-testing requirements of the US Navy in 1923. It is a nonprofit organization that issues over 60 publications and standards, including testing methods, a Certified Rating Program (CRP), application guides, educational texts, and safety guides.

The Air Movement and Control Association International, Inc. (AMCA) is a long-established American body that sets standards for Ventilation and Air equipment. It is best known for its ratings in fan balance and vibration, aerodynamic performance, air density, speed, and efficiency.

Today, the rapid development of the fan industry requires high-quality products. In addition to efficient production capacity, elements like powerful research ability, a scientific management system, and rigorous professionalism are also crucial. These elements parallel the development goals of Infinair Corporation accredited lab is not only increases R&D capability, but also provides accurate and efficient post-production inspection methods, significantly improving product reliability and parameter accuracy.


Note: Above is the lab of Infinair Corporation in PRC that are AMCA-accredited lab. INFINAIR ARABIA is getting full support from INFINAIR Corp to perform any of the following:

  • Test and optimize the current product performance.

  • Constantly optimize the new product

  • Provide reliable data to match sample data.

  • Provide advanced ideas and long-term vision for R&D.

  • Provide trust guarantee for customer to visit.

  • Develop industrial standard and put It into practice of INFINAIR fan.

The INFINAIR Corporation aerodynamic performance lab in PRC was accredited by the AMCA. The lab plays an important role in the process of R&D and helps to improve and optimize the products. The lab also verifies that product performance meets customer demands, ensuring a positive customer experience and enhancing client confidence about INFINAIR products. INFINAIR ARABIA utilizes the sister company lab & experience to apply the tests required, which will support the cooperation all the time.
All INFINAIR ARABIA products are certified by AMCA, please for more information visit the follow link to download the catalogues and get more accurate information about our products contact AMCA:


YFIAM-V.02, November 2019 (Print)

CUS-V.02, November 2019 (Print)

ISQ-V01, October 2019 (Print)

YFBCSL-V001, October 2019 (Print)

YFIMF-V01, October 2019 (Print)

RTC-V01, October 2019 (Print)

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