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PRODUCT VALUES PREPOSITIONS: (Reliable, Convenient & Novel)


1- Reliable: At INFINAIR ARABIA, we prioritize reliability in our products and services. INFINAIR ARABIA focuses on high-quality system construction, we commit to the continuous improvement of product and service reliability:

  • Reliable Engineering and Design:
    At INFINAIR, R&D ability is at the core of our product reliability. Thanks to the extensive experience, INFINAIR has mastered CFD, FEA and CAD technology, fundamentally and significantly improving product reliability. INFINAIR’s air performance lab and noise lab both play a part in forming a solid foundation for product reliability in terms of test scope and precision, as well as in overall investment and construction scale.

  • Reliable Technology and Equipment:
    By continually investing in improvements to processing technology and equipment INFINAIR constantly increases and improves processing capability and precision, assembly methods, production processes, online monitoring, and pre-distribution testing, guaranteeing an ever-increasing level of product reliability.

  • Reliable Certifications and Accreditation by Third parties:
    INFINAIR ARABIA has many certification and accreditation from various third-party including: Industrial Product Production License, Explosion-Proof Production License, as well as certifications such as ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 Most INFINAIR products are compliance with consultants’ specifications and contractor requirements. INFINAIR is the industry leader in terms of both the number of certifications and how long we have held these certifications. Fan Energy Index (FEI) by AMCA has been achieved at early stage by INFINAIR ARABIA in Jordan.

  • Reliable Quality Management System:
    INFINAIR utilizes ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018, which are certified by SGS. We constantly carry out 5S and lean production Six Sigma improvement principles. All INFINAIR ARABIA team applies ISO as a culture standard that make high quality outputs.

2- Convenient products mean that we are providing complete solutions to clients that make him satisfy all the time. INFINAIR features that are: The complete product configuration and varied impeller forms, adaptable product selection, flexible lead time, quick customization, several products option, quick delivery, local representations, spare parts and after sales services availability.

3- Novel: INFINAIR ARABIA has not only pursue products that are like no other, but we also pursue innovation. Both pursuits aim to give our clients better value. We offer:

Greater aerodynamic performance, energy-saving ability, and noise reduction ability.

Simplified, rationally developed structures.

More convenient installation and use.

Low maintenance, low total cost of ownership.

Adaptable and pragmatic post-sale service.


Industrial Fans

Centrifugal wheel fans & blowers for Industrial usege, the design meets all duties (light, medium, & heavy-duty). Wheel is made by heavy steel.  The air flow up to 140,000 CFM.

Kitchen and Utility Fan

Centrifugal aluminum wheel fans for Utility and Kitchen Applications, The design meets high oil temperature and smoke applications. The air flow capacity up to 32,000 CFM.

Parking Positive Fans

Parking positive fans are suitable to be fixed on parking areas. Parking fans Can be connected to BMS, smoke, and CO detectors, which will simply control the fire.

Sidewall Exhaust Fan

Wall-mounted axial fans are suitable to fix at walls. fan types are exhaust and supply with several options (dampers, mesh, shutter, and rain hood) Capacity up to 20,000 CFM.

Inline Axial Fans

Inline fans are suitable to install at the rooftop, ground & ceiling. Blades are Aluminum or Steel (vane or propeller) & Pressurization or Smoke Extractions. The airflow up to 140,000 CFM.

Inline Centrifugal Fan

Inline Centrifugal Fans are suitable to install at the rooftop, ground, or ceiling, wheels are forward or backward & Aluminum or steel materials.  The airflow up to 70,500 CFM.

Exhaust and Supply Fans

Rooftop centrifugal or axial fans for both supply and exhaust installations. Up and Down discharge. The airflow up to 50,000. Motors meet Hot ambient conditions. CFM

Inline Mixed Flow Fan (High Efficiency)

Mixed flow fans are designed to meet several usages, casing is round or square, general or smoke applications & direct or belt drive. Air flow up to 80,000 CFM.







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